What's With the Embeds? | A Contextual Discussion

Bisoo by Edith | Nancy

What's With The Embeds?


As we turn the corner this holiday season and start to wind down 2020, I think we all have a renewed appreciation for the "little things" like... a cup of barista made coffee or... socializing with second and third degree friends/colleagues.

For me one of the little day brighteners is the borderline ritualistic task of the bath. It's interesting in that it's imbued with cultural and traditional subtext entirely too deep to be espoused here. Everyone has their tics of sorts when it comes down this necessary task.

For now, I wanted to highlight a detail in two of the Bisoo capsule bars I implemented to give the soaps a little visual interest. Usually as you use a soap bar it just becomes a smaller version of itself (like the little drugstore soap on the left in the above photo). I wanted Bisoo to have a little beauty mark that reminded you that it's there with you until the very last spec is washed down the drain to return to the soil. So I added the water doplet shaped embed. Later I'll do a post breaking down the complex landscape of soapy varietals (the spectrum is as varied as the artists that make them). But for now, I'll say in sum that this is a unique feature possible with handpoured soaps -- milled and manufactured varieties can't accommodate this little touch.

One of the reasons I fell in love with soap making was my deep appreciation for the little things that brighten your day -- it can be anything that you consider exceptionally well made and makes your routine just a little bit more enjoyable. Storied soap bar anyone? Extended quarantine and general societal unrest has amplified my awareness that we should feel empowered to be hyper conscientious and extremely selective about the objects and the brands and the people behind them that make way into our homes, focusing on those that are conscientious and kind and exceptional. Thank you for trusting Bisoo as one of them!