Hi, I'm Simone, creator of Bisoo.

I had a transformative experience when I was a teenager - I was a contestant on America's Next Top Model. A takeaway from that intensive experience was the importance of a fresh, pure, and neutral base for before styling and for after when it comes time to wash it away. Purity became even more of a priority when I became a mom to a growing girl transitioning out of babyhood. We love the ritual of bath time.

I formulated each Bisoo soap to be high performing while also being vegan, (gently) cleansing, natural, and non-sensitizing. Each soap in the capsule collection is completely fragrance free.

I'm a native midwesterner that's transplanted herself to New York City. All Bisoo soaps are made locally in New York in small batches, and handpoured for your enjoyment.

Do your skin a favor - cleanse with a kiss of Bisoo.





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