Need Help Deciding? | The Capsule in Brief

Need Help Deciding? | The Capsule in Brief

Some folks have asked me which soap is for what person, preference, or situation. The easiest way to decide is to try all 3 :) but in today's crazy busy era I created a super brief questionnaire to help you decide.

*drum roll please*

On the home page you'll now find a brief quiz narrow down the 3 soaps in the capsule. In a nutshell,

  • Macaron is formulated for maximal foam and bubbles, and designed for aesthetics with a nice pale pink hue
  • Au Naturale is formulated as a balanced moisturizing daily bath soap. Also has good foam and bubble performance. Design wise, it's naturally colored. The rich Amazonian butters it contains contribute most of the beige-ish hue
  • Noir is formulated as a clarifying soap, with additional exfoliation properties garnered from the activated charcoal. Design wise it's a blast to make, with the contrasting hand-done swirl on the back side. It might not be the best choice if you shower/bathe with a cotton towel, unless you're a patient launderer (or outsourcing this function!)

Can you really pick just one?



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