Rounding Out the Capsule - Savon Liquide

Rounding Out the Capsule - Savon Liquide

To date, the capsule has been primarily the three bar soaps. Today I'm pleased to announce the launch of Savon Liquide.

Bisoo bar soaps are made from one type of natural cleansing agent - relying on the art and science of mixing soda ash and vegetable oils. Nature has offered us *another* naturally derived cleansing material, called saponaria or more commonly soapworts. I've been fascinated by this plant for a couple years now.

It has many potential applications but I really love it as a gentle hand cleanser. The plant extract is naturally a brown tree bark kind of color, which lends the dark beige hue of the final result.

One of the coolest features is its gel-like texture which turns to "milk" when you add water - check out the video below to see it in action!

The soapworts gently cleanse dirt and excess oils off your skin while the vegetable extracts in the product coat and protect. Anecdotally, Savon Liquide has been reported to soothe parched and too-frequently-washed hands. It's formulated to leave you feeling clean and moisturized without a greasy aftermath (read: phone screen friendly hands shall result!).

Savon Liquide is 100% plant based, non-sensitizing, and free of added fragrances, stabilizers, or any other additives. For best results you can either squeeze a little dollop directly from the pouch, or transfer to a (dry!) lotion pump style bottle - a manual one, it's a little too thick for the modern electronic varieties.

As this extract is precious, stocks are limited.


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