The Unboxing | Tips & Tricks

The Unboxing | Tips & Tricks

The Unboxing

Once you receive your (first.. second? third?) box of Bisoo, you may be wondering what are some things to keep in mind? Whether you're a natural soap connoisseur, a total noob, or somewhere in between, below are two quick tips and a heads up:


Storage Prior to Use

If your natural soap bar were a person prepping for a day at the beach it'd be slathered in sunscreen, wearing a hat, draped in something chiffon-like, sitting under an umbrella, avoiding pleas to pitch in on the volleyball court. In other words, excessive sun exposure isn't preferred (although not harmful), so store in a cool, dry, dark place for optimal performance.


Storage During Use

Natural soap should air out in between uses. If your soap dish is a little "flat", try and find a coaster, trivet, or whatever else you have lying around that will allow air circulation. For those of you that are visual, see below.


Just So You Know...

Natural soap is like fine wine in that it gets better with age; not too much age though. Try and use it within a year. Or.. don't.. and we'll celebrate your little soap's anniversary together (with a fresher bar).

I'm so excited to be part of your natural soap journey!


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