Why Fragrance Free? | A Few Thoughts

Why Fragrance Free? | A Few Thoughts

Why Fragrance Free?

Creators across disciplines aim to impact a sweet odor to their products by adding "fragrance" essences to their creations.

Sometimes the essence is simply a natural byproduct of the process (hello, local bakery) and sometimes it's synthetically infused. Some items we buy because of their lovely smell and for others we even expect some baseline level of established unpleasantness.

When it comes to personal care, take a peek at the labels in your collection and there's a good chance literally absolutely every single item in your reserve includes fragrance or its derivative on the list. To name a few: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving cream, lotions formulated for various parts -- body, hand, food, eye, lip, scalp, cuticle -- sunscreen, deodorant, exfoliant(s), and on and and on. Not to mention detergents (clothes/sheets), oh boy, that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Research suggests that for some it's just too much. Reports from dermatological journals indicate that incidents of sensitization have increased, as have diagnoses of ACD (atopic contact dermatitis). Sometimes we simply ask too much of our skin, and it can't perform its all important barrier function to the best of its abilities.

I've had my own personal struggles with "fragrance" (really, it's the stalking horse of ingredients labels - it means everything and absolutely nothing at the same time) in the past. From personal experience and research, it was important to me when creating Bisoo not to add to the olfactory pandemonium raging in medicine cabinets, nor to the stress our skin is under with the weight of linalool, geraniol, and other known sensitizing agents that lurk about and get slathered on unwittingly. Really, it's a choice that boils down to trust and transparency.

Happy washing.




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